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Quick start

This document has the details required to integrate Onramp into your web app.

Integration modes

Onramp can be integrated in multiple ways based on your app's UI/UX needs.
Each integration mode is accompanied with a quick guide to help you get started at the soonest.

Hosted mode

When you want to just link to Onramp and open it in a separate tab, this one is what you need. It's the simplest way to integrate onramp and it doesn't require a SDK
For more info: Hosted Mode

Overlay mode

If you want Onramp to open as an overlay over your web app, you should go with this mode. It uses our SDK, so that all you need to do is to provide basic configuration and trigger displaying Onramp when you need it.
For more info: Overlay Mode
To view, any dynamically updated elements such as
  • current supported coins/tokens
  • supported networks
  • current prices
can be checked using the Get all coin details public endpoint.